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Young Adult Work Opportunities for Rewarding Careers (YA WORC) Career Club Facilitators Manual and Curriculum

Gates, L. B.
Kirkbride, G.

Career Readiness Curriculum Teachers Manual

Gates, L. B.
Kirkbride, G.


Career Readiness Programming for Youth in Foster Care

Gates, L. B.
Perlmutter, S.
Keenen, K.
Divver, C.
Gorroochun, P.


A Community of Practice for Peer Mental Health Workers: Lessons Learned (in press)

Mandiberg, J. M.
Gates, L. B.


Peer-led healthy lifestyle program in supportive housing: Protocol of an effectiveness-implementation hybrid trial type 1 design

Cassaba, L.J
Stefancic, A.
O'Hara, K.
El-Bassel, N.
Lewis-Fernandez, R.
Luchsinger, J.A.
Gates, L.
Young, R.
Wall, M.
Weinstein, L.
Palinkas, L.

WOWBook-World of Work Curriculum

Lauren B. Gates
DaHye Kim
Jennifer Koza


Work, job jeopardy and unemployment. In A. Gittermen (Ed.), Handbook of Social Work with Vulnerable and Resilient Populations (3rd Edition)

Akabas, S. H.
Gates, L. B.


Accommodation as a social process. In I. A. Schultz, & E. S. Rogers (Eds.), Handbook of accommodation

Gates, L. B.
Akabas, S. H.


Building capacity in social service agencies to employ peer providers

Gates, L. B.
Mandiberg, J.M.
Akabas, S. H.


Peer providers in social service agencies: Creating work settings for mutual support

Gates, L. B.
Akabas, S. H.


Social Work Disaster response Team Guidelines for the Bronx Emergency Preparedness Coalition Family Assistance Center Program

Gates, L. B.
Sabia, O. V.


Developing strategies to integrate peer providers into the staff of mental health agencies

Gates, L. B.
Akabas, S. H. (Eds.)



Performance Based Contracting Demonstration Project: Evaluation Findings

Gates, L. B.
Klein, S. W.

A Guide for Mental Health Agencies to Connect with Their Vendors as Potential Employers

Gates, L. B.
Akabas, S. H.

Promoting effective connections between community mental health care providers and employers

Akabas, S. H.
Gates, L. B.
Koball, G.
Imperiali, B.


Unions helping workers with mental health conditions: A guide for consumers, providers and union representatives

Akabas, S. H.
Gates, L. B.
Bikson, L.

The role of employee assistance programs in supporting workers with mental health conditions

Akabas, S. H.
Gates, L. B.

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