Vision & Mission

Celebrating over 50 years contributing to Workplaces that Work

Our vision is to be the leading, innovative and cutting-edge institute, for research and evaluation, program and policy development, training, and consultation. We are committed to leading the way in the development of effective strategies to ensure that all people can maintain economic independence and participate successfully in today’s workplace through evidence-informed best practices that promote work as an opportunity for all.

Our Values:

  • Work as a fundamental right. Access to meaningful work is a fundamental right of all people and contributes to their self-efficacy, well-being, and economic independence.
  • Evidence-informed practice. The best practices in the field are guided by scientific evidence. The Workplace Center’s research is applied directly to practice.
  • Workforce development.  The Workplace Center’s expertise lies in understanding the relationships among employers, employees, and where relevant, trade unions. We help the workforce and the workplace understand their interdependent relationship and build a balanced workplace.  
  • Strengths perspective. In accordance with social work values, we believe that focusing on a person’s or an organization’s strengths is critical in promoting sustainable, positive change. 
  • Systems approach to organizational change. Organizations and individuals exist as parts of complex systems that must be analyzed as a whole to understand problems fully and create sustainable solutions.