The Workplace Center's 50 years of experience, accumulated knowledge and expertise have been recognized by requests for research, training, program development, and organizational change consultation from government sector organizations, social service providers and employers nationally and internationally.

    Research & Evaluation

    The Workplace Center is a premier research and evaluation institute.  Since its inception, the Center has been awarded research funding through governmental agencies, foundations, and public and private sector organizations. Its research and evaluation outcomes have regularly contributed to and significantly shaped the field of career development, employment, labor force participation and workplace practices.

    Training & Education

    The Workplace Center offers training programs and educational initiatives that enhance workplace practices and connect individuals at-risk with respect to labor force participation to the world of work.

    Consultation & Technical Assistance

    The Workplace Center’s 45+ years of research, training and consultation experience have drawn requests from social service, employment, and government sector organizations nationally and internationally to engage the Center for its knowledge and expertise. The Workplace Center combines its expertise from research and training in an active collaborative process with the organizations it serves.

    Program & Policy Development

    Throughout its history, the Workplace Center has assisted leadership at all levels of public sector and non-governmental organizations to develop policies and implement programs responsive to employment for individuals at risk of not being able to secure or sustain connections to the world of work.