Research & Evaluation

The Workplace Center is a premier research and evaluation institute.  Since its inception, the Center has been awarded research funding through governmental agencies, foundations, and private sector organizations. Its research and evaluation outcomes have regularly contributed to and significantly shaped the field of career development, employment, labor force participation and workplace practices.

Evaluation: The Center assists organizations in:

  • Monitoring program implementation fidelity and program performance
  • Evaluating outcomes including development of a centralized database, evidence informed performance standards and outcome measures
  • Developing data collection protocols, and report templates

Research: As an applied research center, the Center is expert in:

  • Research designs appropriate to services intervention development, feasibility assessment, and effectiveness testing
  • Application of qualitative, quantitative and mixed methodologies needed to meet research objectives


For a description of our current and recent projects click here.

The Center is interested in research and evaluation that focuses on organizational systems in relation to issues around their policies, procedures and programming, organizational capacity, human resource practices, and career development and employment for individuals at risk of securing or sustaining connections to the workplace. If you or your organization has a related area of research you would like us to consider or an initiative in need of evaluation for impact and could utilize the expertise of the Center, please contact us at (212) 851-2258.