Consultation & Technical Assistance

The Workplace Center’s 45+ years of research, training and consultation experience have drawn requests from social service, employment, and government sector organizations nationally and internationally to engage the Center for its knowledge and expertise.

The Workplace Center combines its expertise from research and training in an active collaborative process with the organizations it serves. The Center provides an organizational analysis to understand the organization’s goals and challenges, offers education and technical support, and assists with strategic planning at all levels of management to develop solution-focused interventions.

Current consultation, evaluation and technical assistance services support:

  • Capacity building for improving staff performance and programs
  • Strategic planning and support to management in strategizing organizational change
  • Evaluation activities to measure performance and improve outcomes
  • Translation of evidence-informed practices to fit the specific organization’s culture, policies and practices 
  • Coordination of systems to improve service delivery 
  • Development of practice tools such as assessments, curricula and training materials for on-going program implementation and sustainability

Organizations or individuals interested in engaging the Workplace Center in consultation or technical assistance services may contact the Center at (212) 851-2258.